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  • 2020/05/01

Opening of a management workshop organized by Iwani Conseil

Bangui, Nov. 13 (ACAP) - The President of the Economic and Social Council, Alfred Taïnga-Poloko opened on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 in Bangui, the management workshop called "Iwani conseil".

The purpose of Iwani Consulting is to respond to the various challenges of business organizations in the Central African Republic.

The President of the Economic Council indicated that our country has come a long way from the misdeeds of the various politico-socio-economic crises which have unbalanced the economic fabric of the country.

According to Taïnga-Poloko, “it is time to revive everything that was disjointed and put back in place through innovations, strategies and economic performance”.

As for Yann Madozein, one of the founding members of iwani conseil, their structure aims to support companies, consulting firms and other local organizations. It is a multidisciplinary firm that supports its clients in their strategic, organizational, HR, legal, financial and managerial issues.

Iwani Conseil is involved in studies, advice or training and deployment in several areas that are expanding under the impetus of the needs of its customers.

It should be remembered that the workshop which started on Wednesday 13 November will end on Thursday 14 November 2019.


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