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Legal Advise


Legal Advise

Iwani Consulting firm supports its clients on various legal issues. The Firm supports companies from their creation to their cessation of activities. Its main activities are:

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Legal advice

The cabinet writes consultations to answer all the questions of the heads of companies. Whatever your concerns, your questions, we are here to answer them. Contact us today by email or phone to make an appointment. We move to you !

Drafting of contracts and other acts

The Firm draws up, on behalf of companies, the following contracts and acts:

  • Work contracts
  • Service contracts
  • Residential and commercial leases
  • Commercial agent contract
  • General conditions of sale, general conditions of services
  • Internal rules

The Firm can also revise your existing documents if you wish to improve them, modify them or make sure they comply.

Support to the HR service

The Firm supports human resources managers in personnel management, especially on the following points:

  • Disciplinary sanctions
  • Terminations of employment contract
  • Negotiation of transactional protocols (negotiated departure)
  • Management of workers' strikes

Legal secretary

The Firm supports companies in:

  • The creation of a legal entity:
    • Choice of social status
    • choice of legal form: sole proprietorship, company commercial, branch, representative office, etc.
    • Drafting of the statutes, if applicable
    • Drafting of partner pacts
  • Procedures and drafting of acts of approval of annual accounts
  • Transfer of the head office
  • The change of company name
  • Change of legal form

Litigation management

The Firm assists and represents the company with the various administrations in the context of all individual disputes (labor inspectorate, courts).

An employee filed a complaint against your company with the Labor Inspectorate ? We are here to support you and represent you, if necessary.

Are you facing a dispute which is already before the courts? We assist you in the constitution of your defense file, including the drafting conclusions. We can also represent you.

Legal audit

The firm offers analysis and advice to companies and individuals on matters relating to the application of law.

A legal audit ensures that you are operating in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Debt collection

The Firm takes care of debt recovery procedures (amicable and contentious phases).

Provide us with the list of your debtors and the elements relating to the receivables concerned, and we take care of the rest!

Implementation assistance

The Firm offers comprehensive assistance to foreign companies wishing to set up, namely :

  • Company constitution (including registration of trade name, protection of logo, trademarks, industrial designs, etc.)
  • Search for offices
  • Opening a post office box
  • Opening a bank account
  • Obtaining different administrative authorizations
  • Local workforce search
  • Registration of the company and employees with the competent authorities

Administrative management

The Firm supports companies in all their administrative procedures.

He proposes in particular to negotiate and dialogue on behalf of the company with different stakeholders (banks, administrations, investors, etc.).


The Firm offers training on various legal topics.

Our training can be adapted to your needs. Our consultants travel in your offices to run the training of your choice.


The Firm translates your documents :

  • From English to French
  • From French to English

These are simple translations, not certified.

We offer 3 modes of intervention

Management Assistance

for carrying out diagnostics and formulating recommendations to improve the performance of our customers in our businesses.

Work Control Assistance

to strengthen the operational system of our customers with the contribution of a competent team, equipped and committed.

Outsourcing or BPO

to take charge of all or part of a client's operations, whether in organization "Project platform", service center, or even timeshare.


The african multidisciplinary

Consulting and expertise firm.


BANGUI, Central African Republic

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